Cadastral services

The Italian Revenue Agency provides specific online cadastral services dedicated to citizens, professionals, municipal authorities and institutions, such as:


General cadastral data queries to obtain information on the properties listed in the cadastral databank:

  • search/download of the cadastral incomes: on the basis of the cadastral identification codes of the properties. The service allows users to obtain, free of charge, information on the cadastral income.
  • cadastral outcomes: free of charge cadastral data search by tax code number . This research, accessible through Fisconline service, allows to obtain cadastral incomes and identification codes, descriptive information and data concerning the ownership and the share of interest in it.
  • Certitel: this service allows, in collaboration with Poste Italiane S.p.A., to receive via email or ordinary mail cadastral documents.

Personal cadastral and land registry queries: Individuals and legal persons, having rights of ownership or other property rights, can consult, via Fisconline and Entratel services, the cadastral and land registry data bases, to check plans, cadastral incomes, class and typology, cadastral area.
Accessing  the cadastral and land registry data bases, it is possible to have information linked to the person or to a specific real estate; to get the map with the land parcel, the plan of the building, the mortgage status.
This service is free of charge and it is not available for properties located in the Autonomous Provinces of Trento and Bolzano.

Contact center: this service allows taxpayers to submit an online request to correct cadastral data.


SISTER is a web portal dedicated to professionals providing advanced cadastral services, such as:

  • cadastral data query
  • cadastral data query in a suitable format for computer processing
  • request/issue of digital map abstract
  • documents submission (Pregeo, Docfa, etc.)
  • online cadastral maps
  • Territorio desk

Access the Italian version of the website for all Cadastral services (It).