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If a taxable person doesn’t want to register to the MOSS (we remind you that the Scheme is optional) how should he/she subjects services to VAT, in case they are carried out to non-taxable persons established in other Member States?

If the taxable person doesn’t choose to adhere to the VAT MOSS scheme, he/she must fulfill VAT obligations (returns and payments) in each Member State where is a customer to whom the relevant services are supplied.
Furthermore, the taxable person cannot use the MOSS web Portal for unique identification across EU, but he/she has the burden to inquire each Member State of Consumption about VAT procedures.
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Che cos'è - Opzione regime Moss (It) - Telecommunications, broadcasting & electronic services

Is the new VAT scheme available for services rendered to non-taxable persons (B2C services) only?
The mini One Stop Shop, into force since 1 Junuary 2015, is only about telecommunication services, television and radio broadcasting services and electronically supplied services to non-taxable persons in Member States in which they do not have an establishment to account for the VAT due on those supplies.

How the VAT obligations are rendered through the Moss Scheme?
Member States are free to choose precisely how to collect the information from the taxable persons, but it must be provided electronically. In practice, each Member States provide an ad hoc MOSS web Portal for the submission of the required information, namely for obtaining the identification, for being registered and for the submission of Vat returns and payments due.

Are the territories of Livigno, Campione d’Italia and The Italian waters of Lake Lugano excluded from the Moss Scheme?
Yes. In the case in which services are rendered in favor of any private consumer, resident in one of the following territories, the application of the Special Scheme is not allowed being territories excluded from the application of the VAT.

Member State Excluded territories
Finland Åland Island
France The Overseas Departments (DOM)
Germany The Island of Heligoland
Germany The territory of Büesingen
Greece Monte Atos
Italy Livigno
Italy Campione d'Italia
Italy The Italian waters of Lake Lugano
Spain The Canary Islands
Spain Ceuta
Spain Melilla
United-Kingdom Gibraltar