Cadastre Museum – virtual tour
Virtual tour of the “Topographical and Cartographic Heritage of the Cadastre - A living cultural asset” permanent exhibition, set up by the Revenue Agency. The tour is available in Italian version and is divided into three sections: the first one is dedicated to the pre-unification Cadastres, the second to the establishment of Cadastre and the third to the maintenance and updating activities.

L'Agenzia informa - Revenue Agency Guidebooks
The Revenue Agency provides the English version of the guidebooks on some topics of major interest.

Territorio Italia
Territorio Italia – Land Administration, Cadastre, Real Estate is a peer-reviewed Open Access scientific journal, published by the Italian Revenue Agency, that wants to represent a connection between the scientific research, developed in the universities, and the Public Administration, which has a fundamental and important role in the Italian transformation process.

Discussion Topics
Discussion topics is a publication aiming at disclosing contributions and analysis in economics, statistics, econometrics and public finance, which are relevant to the mission of the Italian Revenue Agency in order to feed the scientific debate on topics of strategic interest for the Agency and to facilitate the exchange of opinions.

The Italian Cadastral System
This annual publication provides an overview of the Italian cadastral system, including services, activities and ongoing projects.

Trends in Italian real estate market - Quarterly reports
Data on sales published by the Real Estate Market Observatory (OMI) refer to the number of real estate units sold each quarter and are extracted from the transfers of title database managed by the local branches of the Italian Revenue Agency. Sales figures are computed on the basis of real estate units that have been transferred for valuable consideration and take into account the share of property transferred.
Real estate units are grouped by use (housing, appurtenances, office, retail and industrial) according to the cadastral categories provided in the deeds of transfer. Data on real estate sales cover the whole national territory except the provinces of Bolzano, Trento, Gorizia, and Trieste, where the cadastre and/or the land registry are managed by local administration.

The Italian Land Registration System
Publication edited by the Central Directorate for Cadastral, Cartographic and Land Registration Services, describing the main characteristics of the Italian land registration system and the related services.