Paying VAT

Latest update: 12/12/2020

Periodic VAT returns and payments

Those with VAT numbers must calculate and pay VAT every month or, in some cases, every quarter, using the F24 form, which must be filled in and submitted online.

Most taxpayers must submit monthly returns.

By the 16th day of each month, taxpayers must calculate the difference between their output VAT – i.e. VAT on sales made – and input VAT – i.e. VAT on purchases, which they intend to reclaim – in the previous months. After calculating the balance of VAT due, they must use the online F24 form to pay VAT.

Taxpayers with an annual turnover of less than EUR 400 000 for supplies of services or EUR 700 000 for other activities, or belonging to certain categories, can choose to submit quarterly VAT returns.

Those entities shall file the VAT return and pay the VAT due for the first three quarters of a calendar year by the 16th day of the second month following each quarter; the VAT return for the fourth and last quarter must be submitted by 16 March of the following year.

With quarterly payments, 1% interest must be added to the VAT due. Payment must be made online using the F24 form.

For more information see the Periodic VAT section.

Advance VAT payment

Additionally, by 27 December of each year, all taxpayers must pay an advance

  • on their VAT bill for the month of December if they file monthly VAT returns or
  • on their VAT bill for the fourth quarter if they file quarterly VAT returns

The advance may be calculated using the historical, analytical or forecasting method. Some categories of taxpayers are exempt from the advance payment requirement.

The advance VAT must be paid online, using Form F24.

Taxpayers can deduct from the advance payment any tax credits or contributions available to them.

For quarterly taxpayers, the advance VAT is not subject to 1% interest, differently from their regular quarterly VAT payments.

For more information see the Advance VAT payment section.

Other reporting requirements: filing the periodic VAT returns

Taxpayers subject to VAT must submit the accounting data summarising their periodic VAT returns (Article 21-bis of Decree Law No 78/2010). This requirement does not apply to taxpayers who are not required to submit the annual VAT return or make periodic VAT payments, provided that the exemption conditions continue to be met throughout the year.

The completed Report on periodic VAT returns  (Comunicazione delle liquidazioni periodiche IVA) must be submitted every quarter. This form must be sent online, either directly by the taxpayer or through an authorised agent, by the last day of the second month following each quarter.

For more information, please see the section Periodic VAT returns (Liquidazioni periodiche Iva).

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