Filing a personal income tax return for cross-border users

Latest update: 06/05/2024

Cross-border users can submit tax returns for income generated in Italy through the Italian Revenue Agency’s service available under the Single Digital Gateway (SDG).

How to use the service

To access the service, you need to have an eIDAS identity and an Italian tax number.

Once authenticated, enter your:

  • gender (male/female)
  • country of birth
  • tax number
  • your tax/health card identification number, or your tax number allocation certificate identification number, which can be obtained from any Revenue Agency office.

Once the data entered has been successfully verified, you can upload and submit a pre-prepared tax return file using RedditiOnLinePF software.

After submitting the tax return, you will receive a confirmation message. If there are errors, you will be notified that the tax return has been rejected.

bottone login with eIDAS

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