Incorporation and Registration of a Company

Latest update: 12/12/2020

Starting a new business activity in Italy requires registration in the Business Register managed by the Chambers of Commerce. Registration is mandatory for all entrepreneurs who carry out one of the following activities:

  • production of goods and services
  • intermediation in the circulation of goods
  • land, water and sky transportation of people and things
  • banking and insurance activity
  • other activities ancillary to the previous ones (agency, mediation, etc.)
  • agricultural activity (for this activity, registration is optional below a certain turnover).

How to Enroll in the Business Register


To enroll into the Business Register, one has to e-fill in the form “Single Business Communication”; such  e-procedure enables the entity to obtain the VAT number/Tax Code and to be assigned a specific insurance and social security code.

In order to send the Single Business Communication it is necessary:

  • to register on the free web service Telemaco
  • to be in possession of a digital signature and
  • to be in possession of a certified electronic e-mail address (PEC).

How to Deregister the Business Register


At the end of their business activity, companies must be deregistered from the Business Register. The cancellation occurs after the liquidation of the company.

The cancellation of the company can also take place following the start of a particular procedure established by the judicial authority , activated in the event of an economic failure by the entrepreneur, to protect the company's creditors. The most frequent examples are:

  • bankruptcy
  • arrangement with creditors
  • compulsory administrative liquidation
  • special extraordinary administration

The request for cancellation from the Business Register must be submitted electronically to the competent Chamber of Commerce, through a Single Communication practice consisting of:

  • Single Business Communication model
  • Business Register form

If the change also involves other organisations, it must be supplemented with:

  • form for the Revenue Agency (Agenzia delle Entrate)
  • form for the National Social Security Institute (INPS)
  • form for National Institute of Occupational and Accident Insurance (INAIL)
  • when needed, Certified Activity Start Report (SCIA) for the One-Stop Shop desk for Productive Activities (SUAP).

For more information, consult the dedicated section on the Italian Business Register website.

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