International activities

The Italian Revenue Agency works constantly to achieve profitable synergies with the tax administrations of other Countries and with several international and transnational organizations. Moreover, it is engaged to raise awareness on the Italian tax system with the aim of boosting foreign investments.

In addition, the Agency provides technical support for the Ministry’s Department of Finance, taking part in several international meetings on fiscal and tax matters and making its own contribution to the formulation of legislation and dispositions either at bilateral level or on a more widened and international consultation environment.

The various working groups meet periodically to discuss and solve complex issues, which have repercussions on national taxation systems, and to foster better cooperation and exchange of information among tax administrations.

The aim is to make administrative action more efficient in each Country by exchanging experiences, tools and methods, and above all to prevent tax fraud and more generally to counter tax evasion, which is taking on an increasingly international dimension.

The Agency currently works on specific programmes with the following international organisations: