Pre-completed tax return

Latest update: 30/04/2024

The competent authority responsible for the procedure is the Italian Revenue Agency.

The pre-completed tax return is available in the reserved area of the Revenue Agency website. To access the procedure you need:

  • Digital Public Identity System (SPID) credentials
  • CIE - Italian Electronic Identity Card
  • National Service Card (CNS).

The pre-completed 730 form and Redditi PF already contain a number of automatically entered details, including deductions for health costs, university fees, insurance premiums, social security contributions, credit transfers for building renovation and energy renovation.
Within the service, you can view, change and/or add to your tax return and then send it to the Agency.
Once you have sent the tax return, you can view it and download it together with the sending protocol in your secure area. 

The service is free.

The pre-completed tax return must be submitted

  • by 30 September (form 730)
  • by 15 October (Redditi PF form).

For further information, see the dedicated section on the website

The procedure can only be completed in Italian.

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