Italian health insurance card


Data di aggiornamento: febbraio 2022


«The Republic safeguards health as a fundamental right of the individual

and as a collective interest, and guarantees free medical care to the indigent

(Art. 32 Constitution of the Italian Republic)


The Italian Health Insurance Card is part of our daily life: it allows us to receive assistance at the Local Health Service Centre (ASL), at the pharmacy, in the hospital or for a medical check-up. It also allows us to access the services and facilities of the National Healthcare System, and to receive a detailed receipt, the so called “scontrino parlante” for the tax refunds of medical expenses and health professional services. Newborns receive the card directly at home, as parents can immediately activate paediatric healthcare.

For this reason, we would like to publish this guide. It is a small gesture towards all citizens to help them to request a duplicate when they need it, and explain what to do when it is lost damaged or expires.

We have also improved a faster issuance and actively worked on important technological developments. For example, the health card, when microchipped, serves as a National Services Card (CNS) and allows access to online Public Administration services. When personalized on the backside, it also entitles the holder to receive healthcare services in all Member State of the European Union.

All the information collected in this guide aim to provide an answer to citizens’ doubts in a simple and accessible way.

Ernesto Maria Ruffini

Director General of the Revenue Agency