What to do

… If the Card contains errors

If the personal data on the card is incorrect (first name, surname, tax code, place and date of birth, gender) resident citizens may contact the competent municipality. Citizens who do not belong to the above-mentioned register can ask all updates and corrections to any office of the Revenue Agency presenting a duly, valid identity document. All citizens holding a SPID (Public Digital Identity System), CIE (Electronic Identity Card) or CNS (National Service Card) can request the correction of personal data through the online service “Rettifica dati” on the website of the Italian Ministry of Interior: www.anagrafenazionale.interno.it

… if the Health Card has expired and you need health assistance

Regardless the expiry date on the card, you are guaranteed to receive all medical services and health assistance presenting a red prescription or a national electronic prescription.

… if the Card has expired and you have to go abroad

Citizens who go abroad, but have not received the Health Card must contact their Local Health Office and apply for a replacement European Health Insurance Card (T.E.A.M.).

… if you do not have the Card with you at the pharmacy

For all health services paid by the National Health Service, the pharmacy could detect the Tax code directly on the red or electronic prescription. For health services that are not paid by the National Health Service, the citizen can provide the tax code directly.

… in case of theft, loss, or damaged of the Card

If the Card is lost, stolen or in a deteriorated condition it is possible to ask for a new card. In the first two cases (theft or lost), you must file a report directly to the Competent Authority.

Citizens can send a request for a new card through the following channels:

  1. online, Agenzia delle entrate Website
  2. via e-mail o PEC to any office of the Agenzia delle Entrate
  3. at any office of the Agenzia delle Entrate
  4. at the Local Health Authority (ASL)
  5. by Web service directly on the website “Sistema tessera sanitaria”.